Pyrolytic Thermal Converter Systems, historically plagued with an assortment of operation problems, are maintenance-intensive, inefficient and sometimes even dangerous to operate. BSL Global in conjunction with International Environmental Solutions (IES) is systematically engineering solutions to produce efficient, reliable, continuous and safe pyrolytic systems for processing a variety of waste materials, including:

• Industrial hazardous,
• Non-hazardous solid and liquid,
• Toxic solid and liquid,
• Municipal solid,
• Medical,
• PCBs,
• Petrochemical,
• And many other waste streams.

The BSL Global/IES product is using a pyrolytic process, which applies high temperatures (from 1,200 degrees F to 1,800 degrees F) indirectly to a retort chamber which houses an environment free of flame and oxygen. Inside, hydrocarbons and other waste components are converted into gases and basic elemental solids via destructive distillation and molecular decomposition.

All of the off-gasses are diverted to a thermal oxidizer operation at 2,250 degrees F for conversion to carbon dioxide, oxygen and water vapor. The remaining solid residues passing out of the retort are typically carbon, sterile sands and fixed, non-leachable metals.
Solid Waste System
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