BSL Global Water introduces our new Water Purchase Agreement for acquiring water treatment systems at little or no upfront expenses. See our Financing Page for more details.

BSL Global Water Solutions Inc. has engineered and built a transportable, packaged water treatment system using the proven capabilities of DAF (dissolved air flotation).  The BSL system is ideal for water management in nearly every industry. It's modular design allows you to add units as you need them, thereby avoiding the necessity of purchasing large, costly systems.

BSL also offers Reverse Osmosis (RO) desalination systems for water treatment.

BSL Water Systems range from 1,500 Gallons per day to 1,000,000 Gallons per day.

Our systems are designed to be easily shipped and installed, and offer a totally turnkey operation. 

We offer expert technical support both before, during and after installation.

BSL is committed to deliver the most reliable and cost effective water treatment systems to municipal and industrial customers worldwide.

*BSL has opportunities for distributors and sales representatives in selected countries.  Please contact us for information at [email protected].

There Will Be Water
T. Boone Pickens thinks water is the new oil - and he's betting $100 million that he's right

Pickens hopes to run a water pipeline over 250 miles and 650 tracts of private property from the Texas Panhandle to thirsty Dallas

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