BSL Global Water Emergency and Disaster Response Applications and Products


• Disaster Response Efforts
• Refugee Camps
• Feeding Programs
• Remote Work Camps
• Displaced Persons Emergencies
• Remote Villages and Towns

In order to be a international catastrophe response company, you have to be able to operate water systems in areas with and without power. BSL Global Water keeps drinking water systems ready for you from 1000 GPD/3700 LPD to 300,000 GPD/900,000 liters per day. BSL Global's transportable systems are totally self-contained with their own generator, on-board water supply, holding tanks, full-service office configuration and telecommunications.

BSL Global Water Solutions pledges to provide quick emergency response and
quality work ... at a fair price ... to put your world back together again.

BSL Global Water Solutions manufactures and sells our portable water purification system capable of producing 1000 GPD/3700 LPD to 300,000 GPD/900,000 LPD per day. The BSL System will satisfy the need for large volumes of safe drinking water using any fresh water source: well, lake, river, stream, pond and even polluted floodwaters. They are completely self-sufficient. BSL Systems have been specifically engineered to fit within standard aircraft cargo doors. In addition to being transportable, our systems are delivered with every component needed for operation, including its own generator, pump, hoses and fittings. Setup and operation is easy and effective, with assembly limited to quick-connect hoses.

Applications for BSL Global Water Systems also give you plenty of flexibility, allowing it to be left in place for weeks, months, or years at a time. It's durable enough to provide years of trouble-free service to a town or village and agile enough to journey from refugee camp to disaster scene at a moment's notice. With the ability to purify up to 300,000 gallons/900,000 LPD of chemical-free water every day, the BSL Global Drinking Water Systems are the undisputed leader in compact, remote water treatment. The UV light source should be replaced every 12 months. The Sediment and Carbon Block filters have a useful life determined only by the quality of the source water. When either of these filters begin to reach the end of their useful life, water output will be reduced dramatically, indicating the need for filter replacement. * BSL Global Water Systems carries a complete supply of replacement filters for your convenience.

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