BSL Global DAF System

The BSL water treatment plant is built to be a transportable, packaged water treatment system. A BSL System will produce a minimum of 200 gallons of fresh potable water per minute (or about 288,000 gallons/1.1 million liters per day).  This amount of fresh water can take care of a small to medium sized community and its infrastructure.

The BSL System is designed and engineered to provide water treatment for a wide range of industrial, municipal, agri-business, and military customers. For disaster and emergency relief, our containerized plants offer speedy and reliable solutions.  All our systems are fully automated and easy to operate.

Every BSL System meets all applicable U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations for the treatment of surface or ground water. Our equipment is available as a complete treatment plant or as individual components.  Our modular design allows customers to select a system now, and add units if needed later.  

The system can run on supplied electricity using as little as 30 KVA. Or if electrical power is not readily available, a transportable generator can be used. This allows us to dispatch our water treatment systems immediately.  

The BSL DAF System is housed in a standard 40 ft. (12 meter) ISO shipping container.  The shipping configuration makes it easy to transport the unit via truck, rail, air cargo, helicopter, or ship. 
BSL Global DAF System
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