BSL Global Systems are more cost-effective than conventional Reverse Osmosis (RO) water and wastewater treatment methods, making them ideal for even the smallest water utilities or commercial applications.

Among the benefits, a BSL R/O System offers:

Security. The systems are completely enclosed, ensuring that the water stream is protected. The size allows the system to be physically isolated, secured, and monitored if desired. The systems don't require large parcels of valuable land for filtering beds or settling ponds. They are self-contained in modular units measuring 8" wide x 8" high x 40" long.

Increased Volume. Each system will produce a minimum of 810 liters of fresh potable water per minute, or about 1,000,000 liters per day.

Easy Installation and Maintenance. 
• An increased longer filter life
• Reduced chemical expenses
• Increase time between filter clogs and back-flush resulting in increased membrane/filter life

Easy Operation. One person can operate the system, and it can be done remotely using wireless or hardwired communications.

Remote Operation via hardwired or wireless communications

Low Energy Consumption. If desired, the system can be powered by a small generator

Modular Design. As needs increase, units can easily be added.

Financial Flexibility. The modular system can be purchased or leased as a complete system, or in individual components.  We offer exceptional financing for even the smallest water district.  Zero money down, 10-20-30 year options.

Longer Filter Life. Conventional methods quickly clog the filters, which are relatively expensive. Frequent clogging increases the need for back-flushing, which shortens filter life. BSL ensures a longer time between back-flushes, which prolongs filter life.

Cost-Efficiency. The systems allow longer filter life; use fewer chemical filter aids; operate on a low amount of energy; don't require large parcels of land; satisfy the stringent EPA regulations without costly facility improvements; are easily operated and maintained; and in most cases, don't require costly and time consuming environmental studies.
BSL Global R/O System Benefits
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