Salt and Solids Recovery Units (SSR)
For Sea Water and heavily contaminated Water or Waste Streams

Components & Mechanics
The initial treatment of the contaminated water is through a pre-heat unit that will bring the water up to temperature in a patented, filter free, separation system that removes any and all salts, oils or liquids with a smaller molecular weight that the water being treated as well as suspended solids down to 0.5 microns. This filter-less separation system is the first of three modules that make up the BSL Global SSR Water Treatment system. Both of these systems are optional and are priced in addition to the designed operating SSR Unit

The BSL Global SSR Units is the second and main module and is composed of three main components.

The boiler size is determined by the percentage of suspended and dissolved solids and salts contained in the water that is to be treated. Input water and treated water temperature differentials also play a part in determining the boiler size. Once the size is determined, the heating source is identified (electrical, LPG, natural gas, fuel oil) and a search begins for a pre-manufactured boiler that is rated at 125% of the required BTU and/or horse power.
The boiler applies heat to the untreated water by an indirect method that prevents the boiler tubes from clogging and reduced inefficiency from scaling.

The solids recovery unit is the heart of the BSL System. This unit is designed based on the amount of water to be treated and the amount of residual salt or oil and solid waste to be recovered per hour. Within this Unit the untreated water is received, heated to 100 Celsius or 210? F and circulated to promote emulsion breakdowns and the flocculation of the salts and solids.
Built inside the unit is an oil skimmer and recovery leg that separates the salt or oil from the water and discharges it into the salt or oil recovery unit. Generated steam is transferred to the condenser where the steam collapses into water.
Salts and mineral contained in this water are now in trace quantities and the recovered water can be discharged into municipal waste water streams or used for irrigation. This unit is custom built to fit the customer’s particular application and expectations. Solid waste is also collected in this unit and discharged from the bottom of the unit. Solids are usually between 5 to 15% water wet when they leave the recovery unit and now contain the bulk of all the dissolved salts and minerals.
The amount of moisture content of the solid waste varies depending on the makeup and components.

The pump is a fully custom designed and built component. The Tsunami™ Pump is unlike any conventional gear and impeller pump available today. The all stainless steel pump is one third the cost of any equivalent volume rated pumps.
The pump does not require a screened suction and is submersible. The Tsunami™ Pump is designed to move large volumes of water at minimum power requirements and to operated under continuous 24/7 conditions. The methodology does not require the conventional suction and pressured discharge of conventional pumps. The Tsunami™ Pump moves water instead of pumping it.

4. THE CONDENSER (optional).
The Condenser is the final module of the SSR System and varies greatly in application and expected water quality. The condensation of the steam back into water is the final stage of the process. This phase has many applications depending on the end use of the now treated water.
Potable treated water is processed through a refrigerated condenser and runs through zeolite and charcoal filters to remove bacteria and sweeten the taste of the water.
Water for livestock and irrigation can be condensed through refrigeration, misting towers or simple heat transfer units. Another option is to discharge the generated steam directly into the atmosphere.

The BSL Global SSR Unit was originally built by a major petroleum company for the treatment of type 2 Oilfield produced water and sea water conversion to drinking water. The first units were built over 12 years ago for treatment of waste water from cattle slaughter and processing plants. The first unit processed 925,000 liters per day or 936 m3/Day of water per day and recovered 2.2 tons of salt per hour. This Unit operated for 10 years with only normal repairs and service. The plant was fired by natural gas and operated at a direct cost of $0.0027 per liter.
The BSL SSR Unit can be sized to fit applications of 7,500 liters per day to 3,700,000 liters per day.
The modular design allows for portable units that can be erected in 2 to 10 days. The Tsunami™ Pump has applications well beyond the BSL SSR Unit and can be designed and built for any portable and stationary applications where large volumes of water need to be moved on a continuous basis. For more information and quotes, Contact:

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