Making Water More Efficient

The BSL Global is a non-chemical water and soil treatment technology and service. BSL Global treated
water will reduce soil compaction and create optimum growing conditions for plants and turf.
Save Water

The BSL Global technology works with all water sources including brackish and reclaimed water. The
technology is noted for creating conservation and sustainability in a number of other applications
including golf, sports and recreation fields, greenbelts, agriculture, and industrial applications.

BSL has a growing list of respected customers who recommend BSL to their companies and peers.
BSL Water and our research partner is based in Irvine, California. The Company has developed a nonchemical
water and soil treatment technology that addresses water shortages and water quality issues.

BSL Water was founded in 2004 with a "Green" company water conservation agenda. However,
understanding the need to prove its business model and technology in a clearly defined market, the
Company first targeted the high profile US Golf industry where significant volumes of fresh water are
used daily.

Today, the BSL Water technology is in use on several golf courses. Each course has demonstrated a
reduction in soil compaction, saving on water consumption, and conspicuous, visual evidence of
greener, healthier turf.

In 2007, BSL Water entered agriculture enabling growers to stretch limited water supplies. In addition,
BSL Water has proven to provide a number of benefits to agriculture leading to healthier plants,
increased nutrient availability, decreased salt accumulation, and greater yield.

Following the success of university studies exploring BSL Water's treated water on pipe corrosion, the
company began providing solutions for various industrial applications including boilers and chillers and
power plants. It is the newest addition to the growing list of divisions for the BSL Water technology.


The BSL Water system enables Agriculture to:

Save water
Prevent salt accumulation in the root zone
Reduce effects of reclaimed poor quality water
Increase nutrient availability
Reduce compaction
Moisture Retention in Soil

A study was performed on a tomato field using a subsurface drip system. The average depth of tomato
roots is 3 to 4 feet; tomatoes drink water in a reverse pyramid (1st foot-40%, 2nd foot-30%, 3rd-20%,
4th-10%). The water supplied to the field had over 1200 ppm in Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), affecting
water infiltration and percolation.

Monitoring sensors were set at 8 inches (red), 16 inches (blue), and 24 inches (green) on two Blocks:
Control (Non-Treated) and BSL Water (Treated).

Study results:

The BSL Water Block consumed 29% less water per acre than the Control.
The BSL Water Block had greater moisture at all three sensor levels making water uptake more
available to the plants.
California State University, Fresno and the Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT) Study
Study: Interaction of BSL Water Treated Water for vegetable production (Broccoli) using 20% less water.

In Clay Soil:

Treated water had significant effect on broccoli floret size
Floret sizes irrigated with 80% ET were similar to 100% ET
Treated plants matured earlier

In Sandy Loam Soil:

Treated water produced a comparable crop despite a 20% water reduction
Broccoli plants watered and grown in clay soil at 100% ET, when exposed to the BSL Water treatment,
developed earlier. At 80% ET, the BSL Water treated plants produced a plant equivalent in size to the
plants watered at 100% ET. This finding is important since growers with salt affected clay soils are
continuously seeking out irrigation technologies which will improve the growth rate and thereby result
in an earlier crop harvest date."

- Dave Goorahoo, PhD - Department of Plant Sciences - Fresno State
Growing Plumerias with 40% Less Water and Increased Yield
BSL Water treated water accelerated growth and produced a healthier plant. Leaves are 9 to 12
inches in length with early flower blooms (Treated) compared to 2 inches without BSL Water


How much water you have to put on your grass and soil is not as important as how much water
gets into the soil. Compaction is the enemy. Golf carts, golfers, chemicals, reclaimed water,
wind, heat, and even heavy raindrops will compact soil and prevent water from penetrating the
soil. Compaction causes runoff, standing water, yellow and brown spots. Compaction denies
water penetration to needy roots that grow a healthy plant.

BSL Water guarantees significant and sustained compaction reduction on any golf course or park
with normal irrigation. Not only will compaction be reduced even in hard clay on a hot summer
day, once the water has penetrated to the roots, the moisture will remain. Surface evaporation,
runoff and standing water will be eliminated. As a final benefit, water use and its related cost
will also be significantly reduced.
Golf Installations

BSL's technology installs into the main water supply line. Water is treated using only the normal
irrigation water pressure and flow. A sampling of installations are pictured below.

A side benefit of using BSL is that irrigation pipes and drip systems are continuously cleared of
calcium and chemical buildup. The following picture shows pipe buildup, cleaned from the pipe
and captured in the sprinkler-head filter.

Compaction readings at four sample courses started with readings between 600 and 800 psi.
Before treatment, the meter was unable to penetrate more than one inch.

Within six days compaction was reduced to the 200-250 psi range and probe penetration
increased to 10 inches and more using BSL Water.
Case Study - Growing Push-up Greens with 20% Less Water

Desert Forest Golf Club in Carefree, Arizona,
A split nine trial was performed over a 60-day period with the following results:

1. Water Penetration - "From the beginning, we saw better water penetration and a better root mass.
Also, a better secondary root growth. We went from a dispersed soil to a flocculated soil where we
got better use of our nutrients and minerals in the soil."

2. Nutrient Availability - "Base saturation tests found that nutrients were much more available to the

3. Increased Root Growth - "We saw an increase in the root depth and root mass. Before we only got 1
to 2 inches. Now we are getting 3 to 4 inches. The secondary growth has changed resulting in a
better uptake of moisture and nutrients to the plant where the plant is much fuller and has a better
capability to go through the drought so we won't have to water as much."

4. Leaching of Salts - "It was dynamic to see the magnitude of the change in the black clay layer. We
were also able to get better leaching to take place moving the salts and bicarbonates out of the root
area which gave the plant the ability to grow."

5. Water Savings - "The turf is in as good a shape, if not better with a 15% to 20% water reduction."
- Karl Olson, CGCS - Former USGA Chief Agronomist. Currently Chief Agronomist and
Superintendent of Desert Forest Golf Club, Carefree, AZ


"The course is more playable than ever before. The hard areas are gone and the course is a delight
to play. The BSL Water system has been a great addition to this course."

- LPGA Member and Champion, California

"Our pumps went down for three days and I had no water during the hottest summer in history. We
came out o.k. because BSL Water reduced the compaction and the soil held the moisture."

- Golf Superintendent, California

"The difference is amazing. No other product has treated my clay problem like BSL Water. This
product enables us to provide a better course "I am using 29% less water and I have 7% greater
moisture percentage with BSL Water."

- Farm Manager

"I have a better plant and better yield without using chemicals. I've cut my water 40% and my plants
have grown 18 inches with BSL Water. Without BSL Water, they grew only 10 inches."

- Plumeria grower

"for our members, and that's my goal as a Superintendent."
- Golf Superintendent, California

"The BSL Water Block had a better crop."
- Farm Owner

"Our average water usage in the first week is at least 30% to 40% less on the clay and 60% to 70%
less on the sand based areas. I am blown away!"

- Golf Superintendent

"I had a significant reduction in water use, increased my moisture in the soil, leeched the salts, and
got a better yield in production."

- Farm Manager

Formal Case Studies Conducted

- San Juan Capistrano, CA - Growing Rye grass with 20% less water - compacted soil - well

- Mission Viejo, CA - Growing Rye grass - compacted, saline soil - runoff water with high saline

- Oceanside, CA - Growing Rye grass using reclaimed water - compacted soil, high saline

- Simi Valley, CA - Growing hybrid Bermuda turf with 30% less water

- Las Vegas, NV - Reducing compaction of calcareous sodic soil with high TDS well water

- Carefree, AZ - Growing Pushup Greens with 20% less water

- Reno, NV - Growing Blue and Rye grass with 10% less water - compacted soil - effluent water
with high TDS

- Laguna Woods, CA - Growing a corn crop with 30% less water

- Firebaugh, CA - DOV Raisin Vineyard - Enhanced soil and plant health

- Irvine, CA - Controlling Pipe Corrosion - University of California Proof of Concept study.

- Fresno, CA - Growing Broccoli with 20% less water - California State, Fresno study.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BSL System ?

BSL provides a non-chemical water and soil treatment technology and service for agriculture and related
industries. The BSL system is installed in the irrigation mainline and induces energy into the water
without any electrical connection. This energy is highly conductive in water and soil, producing improved
water infiltration/percolation and efficient leaching of salts, making poor quality water usable and
enhancing beneficial microbial activity and nutrient solubility. This combination of benefits creates
optimum growing conditions while using less water.

How does BSL affect my water?

The BSL treatment induces an electromagnetic current into the water optimizing soil structure and
increasing mineral and nutrient uptake.
Will BSL work with reclaimed or brackish water?
Absolutely. Reclaimed and brackish water generally have high electro-conductivity (ECw), which makes
these water types highly conductive for BSL.

Where is the system installed?

The BSL system is installed in the main water line close to the pump station.

Who does the installation?

BSL contracts with licensed pumping and retro-fitting professionals for the installation which is
supervised by the BSL technical team. Each installation is in concert with the course Superintendent and follows his recommended schedule.

How do I place an order?

Contact an Authorized BSL Agent in your area, or fill out the Contact Us form on the BSL website. You
will receive a reply within 48 hours. Or, you may call us direct at: 949-296 7666.

How long will it take before I see results?|

The type of soil and water will determine the length of time before change is noted. Reduced
compaction occurs within a week or two.

How much will I save on water use?

Water savings vary but on average you will save between 15% and 25% on your water usage and total
irrigation expenses.

What if my soil is mostly clay?

If you have high clay content, the BSL system is a must have. Especially, if reclaimed or recycled water is
used. BSL has proven to be the only non-chemical system available that is successful in breaking down
clay and allowing it to retain moisture.

What is involved in the service?

The service is provided through contract with leading experts in soil, turf, and water management and
includes semi-annual water and soil tests, review of soil health and nutrient uptake, water usage, and
plant analysis.

Is the system safe?

It is non-chemical, non-membrane and environmentally friendly.

How often does the system have to be replaced?

The system will last on average five years.

Does BSL work with Fertigation systems?

Yes, in fact if the BSL system is installed ahead of the Fertigation injection system the conditioned water
will make the injected fertilizer more efficient during application providing additional benefits and

If you have questions that are not answered in this FAQ, please email your questions to:
[email protected]. You will receive a reply within 24 hours. Or, you may call: 949 296 7666

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